Hello world!

A blog?  Me?  To say that I am overwhelmed, anxious, and a little scared would probably be an understatement.  I’ve been thinking about blogging for many months now, but it takes courage to make that first step even though I know that several weeks from now this will probably seem easy as pie.  Speaking of pie… a piece of chocolate chess pie would be yummy about now.

The weather here was beautiful today.  73 degrees in December can’t be beat in the beautiful state of NC.  I know it is short lived though, so I got out during lunch to drive around a bit in my convertible.  Soaking up the sunshine was good medicine.

So why Monkey Needle?  I am combining two of my affections.  First and foremost, my grand kids can be such silly little monkeys.  In fact, I really think they enjoy being silly as often as possible.  Whether it’s making facing, making up songs, or just running in circles, they spend their days having fun.  And we could learn something from them…  We don’t always have to be so serious or have life so full of drama.  It’s ok to laugh, run, and just be plain silly.

Second, most of my hobbies are based on needles of some sort — sewing needles, crochet needles, and knitting needles.  I like having my hands busy.  I love the feel of fabric, the clicking of the needles, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and useful.  So if I’m at home, I’m likely sewing, and then crocheting when on the road.  I mean, it would be really hard to set up the sewing machine in the car.  If I could figure out how to do it though, I probably would.

So, since these two topics, grand babies and needles, are where most of my non-work time is spent each day, that will likely be most of what this blog is about.  Monkey Needle is born.

Bedtime has come and gone,  Here is a cute picture of my oldest monkey.  Who needs toys when buckets are so much fun?


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