Blueberry Pie, or Is It?


Ok, so it’s not real blueberry pie.  But it does make you want one.

I decided to make a couple of these as I needed a couple of small gifts.  With a nice fluted pie plate and a really good pie recipe, I thought this would make a great wedding, hostess, or housewarming gift.  Or heck, even a Christmas gift for that person who likes to cook and has everything already.



I found a free pattern at my LQS for this Pie Block Hotpad.  The red plate is layered with heat resistant batting and is free motion quilted.  The pie is ‘stuffed’ with a little bit of polyfil. And of course, you can pick your own flavor of pie.

This is not as ‘quick’ of a project as I was thinking it would be and that could have been for several reasons.  1. Mechanical issues — I do not have a ruffler for my Bernina, so I was trying to ruffle the fabric on the old Singer I have.  Let’s just say that after four attempts, it aggravated me to no end so I pulled all of it out and ruffled it by hand.  2.  The directions were not as clear in some areas as they could have been.  3.  I can be a perfectionist sometimes.  I played around with the spacing of the lattice for quite a while before I got it the way I wanted it.

The good news is now that I have worked out the kinks, the next one should go along much faster.  So that will probably this evening’s project.

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