5 Week Update


The kits are 5 weeks old, today.  For meat rabbits, they should be 1-1/2 pounds by now.  And they are very close.  They weigh between 1 pound 4 ounces and 1 pound 7 ounces.  They are eating about 100% pellets and hay now.  We still put the mom with them once a day to nurse them, but she only nurses for about 5 minutes max and then she’s done.   So, it’s probably time to start weaning them.  We also re-bred the mom this past weekend, so hopefully she’ll be having another liter in 4 weeks.

We have 3 females and 7 males.  It surprises me that the split between male and female is not more even.  I”m not sure if this is normal or not.  I believe we are going to keep the white and brown female.

So, I broke rule #1 and got attached. The runt of the litter – the small brown one — is the sweetest little bunny.  My 3 year old grand daughter plays with him often and he lets her hold him all sorts of ways, and he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t kick if she doesn’t hold his hind legs.  It’s amazing.  We hadn’t planned on keeping a male, so I’m trying to find him a home.  If we can’t find a home for him, we’ll likely keep him too.

I also made them some organic snacks.  They love them.

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