Cute As A Button

To say these kits are cute is an understatement.  They are fourteen adorable little bouncing balls of fur.  Four of the fourteen are all white, and I think they might be the absolute cutest of them all.

DSC_0109-001These have been outside since birth, so I’m not able to peek in on them as often as I did the last litter that was inside.  For that reason, they haven’t been held as much and you can really tell. They are just 3 weeks old, but already they don’t like to be picked up at all.  They scream and kick their little feet — much like a toddler pitching a fit.  And that’s assuming you can even catch them.  We have a 12′ long cage that is divided down the middle — 1/2 for each mama.  Well, the babies are still small enough to run between the fence dividing the halves, so as soon as we try to grab them from one side they have run to the other side.  We have learned to be a little sneaky and bribe them with Timothy hay.


At 3 weeks old though, the litter from the black/red mama (Phoenix) weighs an average of 13-1/2 ounces.  That is a whole 5 ounces larger at this age than our first litter from the broken mama (Aries).  I’m sure this is due mostly to the fact that Phoenix is quite a bit bigger than Aeries.  However, the kits from Aries are also bigger this time by several ounces on average.  I’m guessing that could be from having a smaller litter to nurse (7 vs 10).  Or maybe first litters are, on average, just smaller.  I’m really not sure.

DSC_0107-001It hadn’t been all easy going though.  At 1 week old, one got stuck in the corner between the wire and the frame.  I had to get my grandkid’s mother (size zero) to climb in the cage to get him out.   Sure wish I had a picture to share as it was quite funny looking.  That issue has been fixed.

Another one just plain fell out of the cage.  Not sure how, but we’re thinking the door opened just slightly and he just plopped out of the cage.  I found him early the next morning just sitting there on the ground, and I’m so glad I found him before the dogs did.  That problem with the cage has been fixed as well.    However, they like to lay in a big pile next to the door, so there have been several times now that when we open the door, no matter how careful we are, one will fall out or jump out.  So on any given day now you may find us chasing a baby bunny through the yard.  In fact, between the bunnies and the chickens, I’ve been chasing quite a few animals lately.  Thankfully, though, I have been able to catch each one of them and get them safely back to their little homes.

Overall, all 14 kits are growing and developing quite perfectly.  Our first litter of kits was just 3 months ago and it has been a ton of fun to watch these cuties grow.  Already we’re planning when we might breed our third female — you remember, the one we got in trade that was supposed to be a male…  Chances are I’ll be showing you pictures of her cute babies in about 6 weeks.

DSC_0112-001I think this light red one is really cute a well.  His undercoat is white, versus the dark undercoat of the other two red ones..



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