Days Like Today

I just LOVE days like today.  Being able to just hang around the house and spend time with the family…  Not having a schedule, or needing to be anywhere at a certain time…  Not having to work at my ‘for pay’ job…  Doing things around the house, although not being very concerned with necessarily being productive or feeling like I have to get something done…

Actually it started yesterday.  I realized that the cherries on the cherry tree were ripe, so I enlisted the kids to help pick.  Once we had the tree stripped, I started hulling.  They were also a bit wormy so I had to cut away bad parts.  An couple of hours later, I had three 3-1/2 cups of chopped cherries (that was a lot of work for just a few cups of berries).  An hour or so after that, the sour cherries were three half-pints of sweet cherry jam.

Today, took my youngest and his friend to DefyGravity, a trampoline arena.  Wow, that looks like fun.  I might have to join in the jumping next time too.


  • The sun was shining and they sky was blue (for what seemed like the first time in 2 months);
  • Trip to Lowe’s for garden supplies;
  • Made potato cages for the garden;
  • my youngest and his friend picked peas, and lettuce, and then decided they would make a salad;
  • I then had them pull up the pea plants and plant beans;
  • honey man grilled hamburgers, and made potato salad and homemade ice cream;
  • Monkey #1 & #2 helped plant more beans;
  • Bonfire & music;
  • Roasting marshmellows and drinking (milk from a sippy cup); and
  • S’mores.

And that’s it.  As you can see, I didn’t get a ton done over the 14-hour day.  But it was great because it was stress-free and meant spending time with those I love.  Having some friends over to spend the day with, and having my older kids here too would have been great.  But, notwithstanding that, it was a perfect day!

And that’s why I love Days Like Today

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On a day like today – the whole world could change
the sun’s gonna shine – shine thru the rain
on a day like today – no one complains
free to be pure – free to be sane
on a day like today
ya never wanna see the sun go down
ya never wanna see the sun go down

~ Bryan Adams

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