What Do Pin Cushions Eat?

What do pin cushions eat?

I found out this week exactly what pincushions eat.  I decided it was time to retire my strawberry pin cushion that I had had for about 15 years.  So I cut it open and spilled its guts.  And out fell a ton of saw dust and 27 needles.  Yep, you heard it — pin cushions eat needles.


Actually, I knew this already.  I realized years ago that that is where my needles kept disappearing to.  I would put a needle in the pin cushion and next time I went looking for it, it would be gone.  I actually had several slip into the guts before my very eyes and couldn’t get them back.  What I can’t figure out is how the pin cushion actually held all that saw dust and 27 needles!

Well, I have the needles back now.  And I made a cute little needle book to keep them in.  I found a tutorial here for making an octagon hexi needle book.  And, hopefully I won’t lose them to the pin cushion monster anymore.


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16 thoughts on “What Do Pin Cushions Eat?

    • It was really easy and didn’t take more than an hour. I’m not even sure I followed the tutorial… I saw it one day and made it several days later from memory. I’m thinking it would make nice small gifts.

  1. I totally giggled when I read your post! I have always been a little suspicious of those cute and plump little pin cushions – and now I know why. Love your new one, there will be no runaway needles in that one!!

  2. your needle book is totally cute but if I remember geometry correctly an octogon should have 8 sides and yours only has 6 so it would be a hexagon

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