Skipping Stitches

I might actually, FINALLY, get a quilt done today.  I’ve been working on this quilt off and on for about 6 months and am ready to be done with it.  Today, I am finishing up the quilting on it, and hope to get it bound and a hanging sleeve on it by the end of the day.IMG_2422 IMG_2421

My machine hasn’t been cooperating so it has taken much longer to finish this quilt than it should have.  I have had to start and stop a million or more times because it keeps skipping stitches.  Can you see that?  It goes along fine and then it skips 2-3 stitches, and then goes along fine again, and then will skip 5 stitches.


So I would have to stop, rip it all out, and quilt it again.  And it only seems to be temperamental when I’m free motion quilting.  When I’m quilting with my walking foot, it works like an angel.  There are several common ways to try and fix this problem.

  • Change the thread – maybe the tread is cheap, worn out, old, or maybe your machine just doesn’t like a certain brand of thread
  • Change the needle — maybe it’s bent or dull, or maybe it the wrong type or size of needle for the project or the fabric
  • Clean out the fuzz — you know, all the lint that accumulates under the stitch plate
  • Rethread the machine — this can fix a whole host of problems, including bobbin vomit
  • Increase the pressure of the pressure foot — maybe the pressure foot isn’t providing enough pressure and the fabric is moving too freely
  • Adjust the tension — this probably isn’t the problem, but if nothing else works, it’s worth a try

If your machine is skipping stitches, try the steps above.  Usually one of them will fix the problem?

However, not a single one of these solutions worked for me.  I changed needles twice, I had no less than 3 different bobbin threads and 3 different top threads in the machine and they would all skip.  I knew for sure that fuzz wasn’t my problem since I clean that out daily, but I did it again for good measure.  I played around with the pressure foot pressure and the tension in a hundred different combinations.  It did seem to work better for a little while if I would switch back to stitching with the feed dogs up, stitch that way for a little while, and then go back to free motion.  But it wouldn’t fix the problem for long until it would start skipping stitches again.  I’ve heard of some people that free motion quilt with the feed dogs up, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my machine to work that way.

So, the only thing I know to do now is to get it serviced.    I sure hope that fixes the problem because it is driving me crazy.  If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Skipping Stitches

  1. My Pfaff was doing the same thing except straight stitching. I did all of the above to no avail. I finally had it serviced (it was time). Good luck!

    • I think if my machine was skipping stitches when straight stitching I really would go insane. That would be the absolute worst! I do hope they can fix it when I have it serviced. Not sure when that will be though… I have so many projects in the works.

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