UFO Finish #2

I have finished a second UFO on my list.  Yippee!  This is another charity baby quilt for our local quilt guild.  They provide the fabric and batting. I provide the thread and labor.

It was simple to piece since it was just 6″ squares.  But it was plain.  It needed something that would soften it up a bit.


So I decided to take this opportunity to practice another FMQ design.  This is a simple paisley.  It was fairly easy and probably the first time I could honestly say I enjoyed FMQ on my home machine.  What I found difficult was trying to get myself out of tight spaces and filling in spaces that were too small for a paisley.  I tried several things… some worked, some didn’t.  But that is how it goes when you’re trying something new and practicing.  This was a good square.  It’s so pretty!


As much as I like this design, it is very thread heavy.  It took 2-1/2 spools of thread to quilt this 36″ x 42″ baby quilt.  So, although I really like this design, it might work best featured in a smaller area rather than as an overall design.


One more UFO down… many more to go.

2 thoughts on “UFO Finish #2

  1. I just picked up my first charity quilt package from our church’s ministry. I know much of the fabric was donated but plain doesn’t even begin to describe the fabric! I will pray for inspiration when I start and from now on I’ll use and donate my own fabric. Great finish for you. It’s amazing how much thread we use in quilting.

    • Good luck on your charity quilt. I see some of the fabric donated for ours (this quilt was prime example) and really have to question how people think that fabric is suitable for a baby or child. Wouldn’t fun, bright colors be better? Once I get my stash out of storage (if my house ever sells) I’ll have plenty of fabric I will be able to donate that is suitable for a child.

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