Outhouse Racing

IMG_3576Yesterday we traveled several mountains over to view some local entertainment.  Yes, you read that right. We went to the Outhouse Races – an annual event put on by a local ski resort.  For an hour we were entertained by outhouses on skis.  Only in the mountains would you find entertainment like this!

The outhouses were required to be at least 5′ tall, have a roll of toilet paper, and a hole in the seat.  Otherwise they could be decorated in any way.



Then the race started.  Some races were clearly dominated.


Others were too close to call.


After the hour, White Lightening was the winner of the day.  Even with a broken ski.


It was a great way to spend the afternoon, even with the frozen temperatures.  And when we left, my husband mentioned it gave him some ideas for next year.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up as a participant next year and not just part of the crowd.

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