We Moved

Moving is a bear and something I hope I never have to do again.  In April we sold our house in central NC, bought a house in Western NC, and moved to the mountains.

There is a lot less traffic, less people, less stress.  The scenery is gorgeous.  Mountain views from every road.


mountain overlook

The sunsets are beautiful.


We bought a home with just over 4-acres.  Only 1 to 1-1/2 acres is cleared though.  It’s an old farmhouse with a barn and workshop.  I just love old homes because they have so much character.  Also, we have a garden space, grapevines, and fruit trees.







There is a creek across the road that we have fished several times.


Another reason I love old homes is because they usually have mature landscaping.  We have many, many different flowering plants in the yard and I love enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labor.  This is just a sampling of the flowers we’ve seen since mid-April.

flower mosaic

And one day we’ll have chickens and goats.  Moving in has taken longer than we hoped but we are finally getting close to being done.  But there is one big drawback to living in the country though  – the internet is horrible!  I guess I can live with that.



4 thoughts on “We Moved

  1. Congratulations, and welcome to the country life. You have a beautiful little place. This month we are celebrating ten years on our little 17 acre ranch on California’s Central Coast. The nearest grocery store is 30 miles distant, but that’s fine by us. We hardly ever buy much there anyway other than milk and lettuce, and even the milk we can get from our neighbor who has dairy cows. We have a freezer full of home grown organic meat, and during the summer we have a bounty of fruit (24 fruit trees) and vegetables. We just have to constantly battle the critters, netting our trees when the fruit starts to color and this year having to put hardware cloth around our tomato seedlings to keep the mice from eating them. Right now we have two young steers in our pasture. Another neighbor keeps us supplied with eggs in return for quilting lessons and companionship. What a wonderful life. I hope you and your family enjoy your last (hopefully) move as much as we have ours and that you’ll look back and say, “It was worth the hassles.” God Bless, Carolyn

    • Thank you Carolyn. It sounds as if you have a little bit of Heaven on earth. Home grown organic meat sounds wonderful. Things are moving along slowly here, but hopefully we will have some baby chicks in just a few weeks. Between the moles, voles, and rabbits, our garden didn’t do much. We did get put about 15 quarts of tomatoes put up. Next year we will be more prepared. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. Hi Lynn! Love your pictures and so excited for you and your family! Moving is tough, but all will come together eventually. Love, love LOVE your property and home!

    Love, Jenn

    • Thanks Jenn. You know a bit about moving too I see. Hope you enjoy living on the West Coast. Sherri was so happy to have you back in the US. Hopefully she can find time to travel out there to see you.

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