Sampler Quilt

Believe it or not, I have never made a sampler quilt. The Goose Tracks quilt I made several years ago by HoopSisters is probably the closest I have come.

I always thought a sampler quilt would be a good option for building skills in various types of quilting.  So when Pat Sloan and  Jane Davidson announced the Splendid Sampler earlier this year, I decided to give it a whirl.  The Splendid Sampler is a 100-block sampler quilt with 6″ blocks that are traditionally pieced, paper-pieced, appliqued, and hand-stitched. And we have a whole year to make these 100 blocks.  Piece of cake.  After all, what’s one more project?

Of the sampler quilts that I have admired over the years, I really like those with a variety of colors best.  For the first several months of this adventure, we had not yet sold the old house, purchase a new house, or moved, so my stash was still in storage 5-hours away.  So some wonderful ladies I met on the internet sent some fabric my way so I could get started.   I am so thankful to them.  To that, I was able to add a few scraps I had laying around, and ended up with a good mixture of pinks, peaches, blues, and greens.

I sorted everything into light, medium, and dark values so it would be easier to pick fabrics for each block.


Fabrics separated into Light/Medium/Dark values

And the adventure began.  Blocks are released twice a week.

Here are my first 12 blocks


I was able to stay on top of it until mid-April when we moved.  And then I got behind.  And as you can see, I haven’t done block 11.  I’m not a huge fan of hand embroidery  It’s beautiful and I greatly admire it.  I just don’t want to do it.  So any hand-stitched blocks may take me a bit longer.  I really should do block 11.  It is titled ‘Crocheted Thoughts’, and since I also crochet it would be good to include it in my quilt.  In fact, I have actually thought about crocheting it, rather than embroidering it.

They are also releasing ‘bonus’ blocks as we go along.  Here is the first bonus block.  This may just become my block 11. 🙂  We shall see.



I have a few more blocks finished, but not another dozen yet.  I plan to work on them more this weekend, so hopefully I will have another set to share with you shortly.  I think they have released block 52 60, so I fallen behind more than I would like.

Are you participating in the Splendid Sampler?  If so, have you been able to stay current with this project?  Oh, I had grand plans in the beginning, and then life got in the way.  Isn’t that how it always is?

Linking up with Finish it Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and  Can I Get a Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


3 thoughts on “Sampler Quilt

  1. This is my first sampler, too. I haven’t even done many quilt really, just a few, since I am a working mother of four, with many other hobbies apart from quilting! I was home with the flu in February and somehow read about the Splendid Sampler and decided to give it a go. I really struggled with accuracy in the beginning. I made the second block three times before it was the right size! Having a fever while sewing probably didn’t help either…. I have a slight resistance to any block that is not pieced, but I’m going to try doing all of them. I have found that even though I really don’t want to make certain blocks, either because i don’t find the technique appealing, or because I don’t like the look of the block, I often end up enjoying myself anyway, or liking the final product al lot more than I thought I would (or both). I have learned a lot, like EPP tiny hexagons in block 36 and sewing curved seams on block 34, and needle turn applique on “Dedication Rose”, and how to use the blanket stitch on my machine to applique, how to use starch to make piecing tiny peices easier, … lots! So to me the end product isn’t even important anymore (but I do want to finish it).
    I do miss quilting friends, I don’t know anyone who quilts personally :-(. But I like to share a picture in the Facebook group every now and then. And I’ve looked up some specialty quitling shop in Flanders, where I might connect with fellow quilters (right now I make do with a general sewing shop that has some quilting supplies, and online shops for fabric).
    I really like your colors and the use of value (dark, medium light).
    Have fun!

    • Hi. Sounds like you’ve made it much further into the Splendid Sampler than I have. And that you’re having fun with it. I think I’m still on block 20-something. I have them all downloaded though and will work on them here and there. Do you have any quilt guilds in your area? We have two – a traditional guild and a modern guild – and I belong to both although I attend the modern guild more often. If you don’t have a local guild, you could start one. I’m sure there are other quilters in your area that are also looking for other quilty friends. Wish I was close enough to visit. We’ll just have to be quilty friends long distance. 😀

  2. I have been admiring the work I keep seeing, from a distance. If I get too close, I will want to participate, and it just isn’t possible “this year”. I get caught up in the excitement of mystery quilts, now I have 2 kings that need borders & quilting! Your colors are lovely! You sound determined to catch up, now that life has settled down.

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