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I find it interesting to look at the stats to see which posts have been most popular.  Two posts stand at the top with 3 times the views as the third post on the list.

First up is 1 Year Blogiversary.  The top search terms have nothing to do with a blogiversary, so my guess is that all the visits to that post came internally from WordPress.  If I had known it was going to be such a popular post, I would have put some more meat in it.  It was pretty boring as posts go.  Oh well, lost opportunity there.  For my next Blogiversary I’ll be sure to plan something grand!


Up next is Baked Apple Slices – no added sugar.  This is an excellent recipe and everyone loves it.  Even if you’re not trying to cut down on sugar, the apples themselves have so much sugar you feel like you are eating an apple pie without the crust.  I find it strange that this is the second most visited post though because this isn’t a recipe site.  In fact, I have just three recipes listed.  This one, Choconut Chippers, and Game Day Sausage Dip, which is, ironically, the least visited post ever.   But search terms for the baked apples are coming from all over with things such as:

  • baked apple slices no sugar
  • no sugar baked apple slices
  • stewed apples no sugar
  • baked apple slices without sugar

I sure hope someone has decided to try the recipe and that they loved it!

Baked Apple Slices

And rounding out the top three posts… Lego, Car, Truck Sack Tutorial.  This is a cool sack for kids to carry their toys around.  I first heard about it as a lego sack, but I thought it would work great for cars, especially with road map fabric on the inside, so that is how I made it for my grandson.


And the top referrer to my blog is Crazy Mom Quilts.  Thank you!   Go check out her blog when you get a chance.  It is full of great quilting projects.

What does all this tell me?  Keep linking up my quilting projects with Crazy Mom Quilts until I can turn this into a full-time blog.  And, I either need to include more no-sugar/low-sugar recipes or I need to create a new no-sugar/low sugar blog.  Hmmm… now, that’s an idea!

Here are some of my favorite posts that I think you might enjoy.

Thanks for reading.  I am truly humbled that you have taken the time to read my posts and follow my blog.  I do appreciate each and every one of you!!

1 Year Blogiversary

I can’t believe it!  I missed my blogiversary by 3 days.  One year ago, I posted my first blog.  And boy, was it scary!  Since then blogging has become easier, just as I knew it would; but that first blog, that first time putting myself out there, was really scary.  But, it’s always good to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Since then, the blog has seen a few changes.  Originally it was going to be a little bit of quilting, a little bit of homesteading, and a little bit of activities with the kids.  And there has been some of all of that.  But my passion really is with quilting and crochet, when I can find the time, so that is the direction I have been heading in lately and probably will continue down that path.

It’s really neat to read some of the older posts to see what was happening back then.  It was 79 degrees outside today — in December! — in North Carolina!  Our normal this time is year averages around 45-50.  So 79 was a true blessing, and I took my computer outside and worked most of the day to take advantage of it.  Then, I found it quite hilarious to read my first blog and see that it was 73 degrees that day — in December!  — in North Carolina!  I guess 70s aren’t all that uncommon in December after all.  And in two days, they are calling for the high to be 38 with a chance of sleet and freezing rain.  That is going to be a huge shock to the system!  But I won’t be here… Nope, in two days I will be heading to Florida and will have this view from the deck of the cruise ship.  I can’t wait!!!


Otherwise, I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  I am no where near ready for Christmas, and my 13-year old continues to count down the days for me.  Only 19 more days to go!  Oh, joy!

I did finish one thing this week. We do an angel tree each year at work where we sponsor and buy Christmas presents for an under-privileged family in the local community.  So, among other things, I crocheted a hat for a 5-year old boy in the family and that is my finish for the week.  Yes, it’s a crochet finish again.  Sorry, it’s just that the quilt I’m working on is HUGE and it’s going to be 2-3 more weeks before it is finished.  But I am working on it as much as I can each week.


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