Even though I haven’t blogged much this summer, I have been working on several new projects.

In June, a friend and I gathered our collective resources and made this baby quilt.  She had been asked to make the quilt as a commissioned piece, and she doesn’t like to applique.  I, on the other hand, LOVE to applique!  So we decided to join forces to make it happen.  I did the applique, she did the piecing, and we had one very happy client.

baby boy quilt

Also in June the two oldest grand-monkeys came to visit.  We had 4 fun filled days playing in the river and starting our fairy garden.  Our fairy garden started out as a very weed-filled old flower bed.  We were able to get it weeded and get a river rock path in place before they had to go back home.  I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up, and it will likely be Christmas before I see them again (which is definitely not soon enough.)


Collecting Rocks


Our fairy garden has a rock path

Last but not least, our nephew married the love of his life in the month of June.  It was such a beautiful and fun wedding.  I am so very happy for them, and knowing that their marriage is built on the love of our Lord Jesus Christ makes it that much more special.


July we celebrated our youngest son’s birthday.  He turned 16 and he is also growing up much too fast.  He’s my baby so I want to keep him small as long as possible.  But he grew taller than me this past year.  I wouldn’t say that he is spoiled, although his sister and brothers would probably not agree.  I just like to think that since his older siblings have moved out, we, the parents, are less stressed and are therefore usually nicer. HAHA!  Isn’t he the lucky one!

16-years old

16-years old

Then I went blackberry picking beside the road.  Within 5 minutes I had fallen and hurt my hand very badly.  That put me out of commission for about 3 weeks before I got good movement back, and another 2-3 weeks before I got any strength back in it.  So, I wasn’t able to do any quilting for about 3 weeks.  It was a very sad time.  😦


August has kept me busy with taxes and a secret project.  Even though I left my full-time tax position over a year ago and am now working in real estate, I still do some taxes on the side. So, several months each year (Feb-April and Aug-Oct) I might have to spend several weekends working on business and individual tax returns.

Wait, did I just mention something about a secret project?  Well, it’s true.  I do have a secret project in progress.  It will be a few months before I can share the whole quilt with you, but here’s a few sneak peak photos.  This has been my quilting project for the month of August.  I plan to have the top finished this weekend, then it will be sent on to my long-arm magician.  No way am I going to try to quilt this one myself!  IMG_4503

IMG_4543 IMG_4545

So, you see, I have been UP TO SOMETHING!

Till we meet again…

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Here Chicky Chicky


We have 8 beautiful chickens.  And they are so funny!  They come running every time we walk outside.  And should one of them find a worm…. well, they have Nascar races around the pen chasing the leader (the one with the worm).

They are about 7 months old now and laying wonderfully.  They started laying at just over 5 months old.  We get 5-8 eggs every day.  Unfortunately because we live in the city, and because we have dogs, they can’t be totally free-range.  But, my wonderful honeyman built a chicken tractor and every 3-4 days we move them to another location in the yard so we still get the benefits of free-range eggs.

The eggs vary in size.  The brown eggs from the 3 Rhode Island Reds are x-large to jumbo size if you were to compare them to grocery store sizes.  The other hens lay white or beige-tinted eggs and they are a bit smaller.  However, sometimes we have really large eggs as in “Ouch, that had to have hurt.”  And other times we get really, really small eggs – less than 1″ in size.  We have found out that the really small eggs are called fairy eggs or fart eggs.  I think we’ll stick with fairy eggs as that sounds much more appetizing.  They don’t have a yolk, and the shells are really, really thick.  Of course, it would be hard to make an all-white omelet with a fairy egg.  It’s more like fried egg to top a crouton.

The eggs are so much more rich than store-bought eggs.  I remember the first time I cracked a pan full to cook for the family, the yellows were so bright they were practically fluorescent.

My niece loves them too.   She apparently doesn’t like eating eggs on a normal basis, but when I cooked these up for her at Thanksgiving, she asked for seconds.  Several days later her mom asked her how she wanted her eggs cooked, and she said she wanted them how Aunt Lynn fixed them.  She thought they were so good because I somehow cooked them special (I didn’t, they were just scrambled), when instead they were so good because they were fresh.  So, they definitely have the approval of a 5-year old.

I know I have 3 Rhode Island Reds.  Otherwise, I really have no idea what kind of chickens I have.  If you happen to know things like this, let me know if you recognize a certain breed.  I can tell you that all the others lay white or beige-tinted eggs.