No Turn on Red

No Turn on Red is a quilt I designed and made for a local foster care kid.  I am member of the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild in North Carolina and the local foster care system is the charity we work with by making and donating quilts each year.


In addition, foster care is close to my heart for another reason.  My sister and brother-in-law have fostered probably 15-20 kids by now, and have adopted my nieces and nephews below.  They are adorable and such happy kids!


This year our guild members were challenged to create a “Modern Quilt” for a “Modern Kid”.  I have made and donated several baby quilts previously, so I wanted this one large enough to be for an older child or a teenager.


I sketched out this pattern on paper earlier this year.  So when the challenge was announced and the fabric received by the guild, I looked though my idea book and thought this would be the perfect pattern to spotlight the fabric.  Or maybe I should say to ‘stop’ light the fabric since the idea for this pattern came from stop lights.  Most of the stop lights in our area are hanging from wires that are attached to tall wooden poles.  But just down the road from me are stop lights hanging on sturdy poles and I really liked the geometric pattern play it provides.  Add to that a few directional arrows (flying geese) and negative space, and a modern quilt was born.


And I have to say that I love it!  Sometimes when ideas are on paper, you’re not quite sure if it’s going to work or not.  But I love how this came together and I really love the red and yellow fabric in this design.  I do wish the blue print was a bit stronger in this design, but overall I really like the effect.  If the quilt wasn’t already promised, I would probably keep it – I like it that much!  And the back is a solid piece of an awesome IKEA print.  I purchased this fabric earlier in the year and was holding it for something special.  It works well with this quilt.


The top was very easy to put together — certainly easy enough to piece in one day.  And then it took me another day to quilt it.  It finished up at 54″ x 68″, which is a good lap size for most anyone.


Overall I’m super happy with it, and super happy that I finally got another quilt finished.  I have several more tops done, so hopefully I’ll have some more finishes to share in the next month.


Also, I have entered this quilt in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  Head on other there and vote for me if you get a chance.  My quilt is entered in the “Original Design” category and voting runs Nov 1-7.  Click here to link to that page.  And while you’re there, check out all the other amazing quilts that were blogged about this week around the world.

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Bento Box Charity Quilt

YAY!  I’m so excited to have finished this quilt this week.  I made this quilt in just 2 weeks, which is a record for me.   I’m sure picking a simple pattern, rather than designing my own, expedited the process as well.You may remember from a couple of weeks ago that I picked up some free fabric from one of our quilt guild members.  She had cleaned out her stash and her only request was that we use the fabric to make a charity quilt.  So, I picked up purple, blue, yellow, and pink and figured I could make something cheery and fun with that.  I ended up with about 4 yards and decided I better get started soon, or otherwise it might end up like one of the other projects that I never get around to.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one that buys fabric for a ‘special’ project and then years later end up using it for something else.  And if I am the only one, please don’t tell me… ignorance is bliss!  I just keep telling my honeyman this is normal.)


So, within a few days, I had all the strips cut, spent the next week making the blocks, and then quilted it over the last few days.  I also love the fact that I was also able to use just under a yard of scraps from my scrap bin.

I quilted it with wavy diagonal stripes using a light grey Aurifil thread.


This is the third quilt I have machine sewn the binding onto, and I did a much better job this time.  A few more quilts and I might be an expert at it.  I love that it’s much faster.  My sister said she loves to hand sew binding onto quilts.  I will avoid hand sewing at almost all costs.


So, next weekend I get to turn it in at our next guild meeting and it will go to a lucky little girl in foster care in Durham county. It finished at 48″ x 64″.  I sure hope it brightens her day!

front - ignore the shadow crossing it

front – ignore the shadow crossing it

back - there's that pesky shadow again

back – there’s that pesky shadow again

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