Little Man Suspenders

sThe two older monkeys were in their aunt’s wedding a few weeks ago.  Aren’t they adorable?




I made the bow tie and suspenders for little man, and wanted to share with you a very easy tutorial for the suspenders.  If you aren’t not interested in the tutorial, you can stop reading now.

To make the suspenders you will need the following:

Fabric – 2 pieces 2-5/8″ x 21/23″

Interfacing – 2 pieces 2-5/8″ x 21/23″ 

Elastic – 2 pieces 1″ x 5″ (I used non-rolling elastic)

4 suspender clips 

Matching thread

2013-04-03Insert one end of an elastic piece through loop in clip, fold under 1/2″ and stitch in place using a zig zag stitch across the raw edge.  Be sure to secure your stitches.

DSC_0028-001Repeat with other piece of elastic and a second clip.

DSC_0029-001Set these two pieces aside.

Attach interfacing to wrong side of fabric (I used iron on).  Fold fabric lengthwise with right sides together and then sew down the long side using a scant 1/4″ seam to create a tube with both ends left unsewn.  Repeat with other piece of fabric.


Turn right side out.  Roll seams between your fingers to move seam to edge.

DSC_0032-001Reposition seam to the middle of the back side of strap and press.


On one end of the fabric strap, fold the raw edge about 1/2″ into the tube to create a finished edge.  Insert elastic approximately 1/2″ into the tube.


Top stitch close to edge to finish off.  Repeat with other strap.

DSC_0035-001At this point you have two straps.  You just need to figure out how long they should be. Now would be the best time to grab your little man and try them on.  Attach the clips to the back of the pants, drape over the opposite shoulder, pull down to the top edge of the front part of the pants, and mark with a pin.

Slide on a clip.  My clip has an approximate 1/2″ area from where the top edge of the pants will be in the clip to where the strap will be attached to the clip, so I actually want my suspenders 1/2″ shorter than what I just measured.

DSC_0039-001Cut length of strap approximately 1″ from where the strap will be folded when attached to the clip.

DSC_0040-001As with the other end of the strap,  fold the raw edge about 1/2″ into the tube to create a finished edge


Slide the strap onto the clip, folding under to the back side at the position marked by the pin.  Be sure the strap is lying flat on the table and that the top side of both clips (one on each end) are facing the same way (both facing up).


Top stitch close to edge to secure strap to clip.

DSC_0043-001Time to grab your little man and try the suspenders on again.  Clip the elastic end to the back side of the pants, drape over the opposite shoulder, pull down to the top edge of the front of the pants and attach with the clips.  Pin in place where the straps cross in the back.  Remove the suspenders and mark a chalk triangle where they need to be sewn together.

DSC_0044-001Topstitch on top of the chalk triangle.  Your suspenders are finished.  Well done.


(Note: these suspenders actually slid off his shoulders a little bit.  I would probably sew the triangle a little higher up the straps next time so it will be closer to the middle upper part of his back and that should fix the problem.)