Biggest Finish Ever!

Well, I’ve been promising to show you all the work we have done in our house.  It has been a major undertaking, has involved many man hours, sweat, tears, and a little (or a lot of) blood.

Our house was born in 1968.  Not too terribly old, right (after all, I was also born in 1968)?  And it certainly was built to be more open and more modern than most other houses built during that time and I always loved that about the house.  But parts of it was stuck in the mid-20th century and needed an overhaul.

The bathrooms were the worst!  Everything in the bathrooms were original to the house, and even though they were in good shape, they were still very dated.  You’ll notice the pea green soap dish and toothbrush holder, the awful laminate, and the frameless mirror that covers the wall in the picture below.  This is the single sink vanity in the master suite.  They hall bath was identical but larger and with two sinks.  Also, I didn’t get a picture of the shower/tub enclosures before they were ripped out, but imagine pea green tile that had been painted white by the previous owners and the white paint was either dull and dingy or peeling off.  IMG_0984

The tub/shower enclosures have been completely redone. We deconstructed down to the studs, and rebuilt with new piping, insulation, concrete board and waterproofing, and other stuff.  Yes, “stuff” is about as technical as I can get when it comes to the construction items that are very necessary but not visible once completed.  That was not my department.


My department was to tile which I was able to learn thanks to a wonderful thing called YouTube.  Learning this probably wouldn’t have been possible prior to the internet age, so this is one of the many benefits to having information at the tips of your fingers. It was somewhat fun to begin with, but by the time I finished tiling and grouting around two tubs, I was ready to be done with it.  It’s very time consuming, and needs to be precise in order to look good.  Good thing, I am used to precision cuts and seams when quilting.  I have been told by a contractor that I did a  good job and should start a tiling business.  I’ll keep that in the back of my mind should one of my current career plans fall through.  (I hope it doesn’t come to that though.  LOL)

bathroom 2

New faucets, new counter tops, new sinks, new mirrors, new lighting, new flooring, new hardware, and fresh paint rounded out the renovations made to the bathrooms.


Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom Faucet

We painted the kitchen (including the cabinets), installed a glass/metal tile backsplash, installed new sink and faucet, and installed new appliances.  Although the glass tiles look amazing, they are much harder to work with than the ceramic tiles.  And fussy cutting around all the outlets and switches.  Ugh!  I hope I never have to do that again.


The hardwood floors upstairs have been refinished, and new floors installed downstairs.

master bedroom family room

We installed a new fence around the backyard, had dead trees cut down, painted the entire house (inside and out), installed crown molding in the living and dining rooms, landscaped (some), and just made general repairs throughout.  Because of all the renovations and the months it took up to pack all our personal belongings, this has been a major project spanning about 16 months.  And still we wouldn’t be done if we hadn’t of had help from our amazing family and friends.

But now that it is finished, I can say that “IT IS BEAUTIFUL & I LOVE IT!”  It went on the market about 36 hours ago.  I hope there is a buyer out there that loves it as much as I do.  I am ready to start a new phase of my life — one with a smaller house and some farm animals.

house front 2

Happy Independence Day!!

happy independence day

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Roughin’ It

We purchased on older model pop-up camper this week.  Honeyman wants to travel an hour or two for hunting purposes, and we like to go to the beach or mountains for short weekend get-a-ways.  So I expect it will get a lot of use.  We have been looking at campers for sale for several weeks and it is amazing the prices these things still sell for.  They hold their value much better than a car does.  We saw some that were 10-15 years old and people wanted $3000-$4000 for them.

We found an ’81 Coleman for a much better price.  Overall, we were looking for a good deal with solid bones and a good top — and this one fit that perfectly.   It doesn’t have a microwave, or a porta-potty (I think I’m ok with that), and the other little extras that the newer pop-up campers have.  But, I’m good with that.  There are two areas of the canvas that are unraveling and need to be restitched — good thing I’m pretty handy with a needle and thread.  Also, the board under the sink area is rotted out and will need to be replaced.

The tires however, may take a little more work.  Not 10 minutes into the drive last night, one of the tires blew (that is how the dent in the side panel got there).  Not to worry though — it came with a spare.  I’m not sure in which decade the tires were last changed, but whenever it was, it was too long ago — they are permanently rusted in place now!  The lug nuts will not budge.  So honeyman was driving home with the left side of the truck and camper on the road, and the right side on the grassy edge.  It was a sight to see.  That worked until he got into town and then the grassy edge became concrete curbs and sidewalks, so that wasn’t going to work any more.  He pulled off at the first tire center he found and left it in the parking lot overnight.  Bright and early this morning, we drove back up there when they opened.  Surely, they could get the tire off with their impact wrench… Wrong!  They couldn’t get it off either.  The lug nuts really are stuck!  So we had to tow it home.  Golly geez, that was expensive!  The tow cost a 1/3 of what we paid for the camper itself.  Not sure how we’re going to get the tires off and replaced, but hopefully it won’t be too bad on the pocketbook.

The inside is something ugly though (hope it didn’t overhear me say that).  What was it about the 70’s and early 80’s that made designers think that gold, orange, and brown were the choice decorating colors?  Ewww!  So, while honeyman works on the wheels, I’ll be doing my magic on the inside.  A trip to the fabric store is at the top of the list.  Yippee!  And then a trip to the hardware store for paint. I love to sew and paint so this is right up my alley. I’m not sure I’ll be adding curtains or fluffy pillows, but a color change in the cushions and laminate is definitely on the list.  And maybe curtains if I can find some tracks to hang up on the inside.  I haven’t completely ruled them out yet.

As if we didn’t already have a lot to keep us busy, we have another project now.  I love taking something old and ugly and making it beautiful again.  It’s so much fun to dig in, work with my hands, watch the progress, and then end up with a nice finished project.  I think that’s why I like quilting and sewing so much.  Although I typically start with nice, not ugly, fabric, it is still nothing more than a flat 44″ by something inch panel that has no real use.  But throw together a little designing, a little cutting, and a little sewing and you end up with really nice usable items — quilts, aprons, clothes, curtains, bags, etc.  It’s amazing all the things you can make with fabric, and it’s ‘sew’ much fun!  It’s the enjoyment and the feeling of achievement – a job well done.

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