Merry (day after) Christmas!


Merry (day after) Christmas!  I was hoping to post again before now, but I have been sick with the crud that’s been going around so everything else got put on the back burner.  Our plans for brunch at the in-laws, dinner get-together with dad’s family, and then my sister and family staying with us for several days was all canceled.  Being sick is not fun, and being sick at Christmas really sucks.  But, then I had to remind myself that there were others in this corner of the world that were having a much worse Christmas – families with loved ones in the hospital, families recently affected by the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut, families with loved ones in the military overseas, those affected by the storms ravaging the U.S. on Christmas day, and those lonely individuals with no families with which to celebrate.  It’s so easy to have a pity party because our plans get canceled by something we can’t control.  But when you stop to think about those that have it much worse off than you, it becomes easy to thank the Lord for the blessings we do have — family and friends that we love and miss but that we know we will see again soon, health that we know will return once the crud has run its course, a warm home, and knowing that we have life because of God’s son that was born on this day very long ago.

for unto us a child is born

So, I didn’t get as many projects finished as I was planning on before Christmas.  But I did want to share a few of them with you.   I have been participating in a monthly challenge through Art Gallery Fabrics.  Last month the challenge was to make a patchwork toy.  I designed and made this cute little turtle for my niece.  Each scale is a learning toy — she can learn to button, snap, tie, velcro, zip, and one is a noise maker. Also, if you lift each scale up, I have patch-worked a letter. As you go around the turtle, the letters spell her name starting with the T on top. And opening the zipper also allows you to peek-a-boo through to the letter.

Torreya Turtle

She is a little young to really play with the turtle now so I also made her some soft rings from a pattern found here. These are a great way to use up those fabric scraps and are nice soft toys for a wee one.


Also, I found a great project from a young lady I met at the local fabric store.  If you have children that love to play with Legos, you will understand the fact that they get everywhere.  All those little bricks are super hard to keep up with.  She told me about a ‘lego play mat’ that lays flat in order to be played on, but then when you finish playing you just pull up the strings on either side, tie a bow, and the legos are cleaned up.  I bet this doesn’t stop all the stray legos, but it should help.  I made this for my nephew.  It was super quick — I like projects like that.

DSC_0188-002 DSC_0210-002

There are many tutorials on the internet.  I skimmed several and started out using one, but I ended up making some changes as I went along.  I plan to make another one in the next month or two for my grandson, but I want to make it a play mat for cars rather than legos.  I found some cool fabric that will be perfect as a play mat for cars.  I’ll post a tutorial when I make it.

Up next though is the next, and last, challenge through Art Gallery fabrics — a messenger bag.  Wish me luck!