Flaming Star

If you follow me on Instagram (@monkeyneedle), you may recall last summer and early fall when I was working on a ‘secret’ project.  Well, I am so EXCITED that I FINALLY get to share it with you. I HAVE JUST BEEN PUBLISHED IN A MAJOR QUILTING MAGAZINE!  My quilt is in the March/April issue of Quiltmaker magazine by Fons and Porter.  EEEEEKK!!!

Introducing FLAMING STAR.


It is amazing how long it takes to get through all the steps: design, submission, acceptance, making the quilt, quilting the quilt, mailing it to the magazine so they can take pictures, write the article, and then make it part of an upcoming issue.  Whew!

I designed this quilt about 15 months ago.  It took me about 3 months to get up the nerve to submit the quilt design to a publishing company.  And then it took about 6 months for them to say they wanted to use it.  Things moved faster after that.  I spent about 6 weeks piecing the quilt, and then sent it off to the quilter who had it about 4 weeks before she was able to get to it.  Then in the mail it went, and about 3 months later it was returned to me.

THE FABULOUS LONG-ARM QUILTING on this quilt is by Andrea Walker at Walker Quilt Co.  Her work is just AMAZING!!  Go check her out.


I really wish I could have taken a few more pictures.  We had a snow storm moving in and it was extremely windy.  Right after I snapped the picture below, the wind ripped the quilt from the XL binder clips holding it and it went flying through the air.  I caught it on my head.  It was quite funny!  Getting it clipped up in another location for more pictures was also not working.  So, maybe another day.


It’s all about color placement!  The quilt is designed using just two simple blocks.  Each block is 14″ square. It looks more complicated than it really is.  The color placement gives it the striking look.  I’m usually not big on borders, but in this case I added a 3 1/2″ border (1/4 the block size) and carried the design into the border in certain areas.  I then faced the quilt, rather than binding it.  I have been doing that for many of my quilts lately if I don’t want a ‘frame’ around the finished look of the quilt.

Pick up a copy of the magazine at your local stores today.  My quilt got a small inset on the front cover (top right corner), the full quilt just inside the front cover, and a whole layout with directions on how to make you own version on pages 30-35.

Fabrics: All Kona Cotton Solids in white, shadow, steel, Jamaica,  Bahama blue, robin egg, baby blue, and coral.

Measures: 77″ x 77″.

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2012 Year in Review — Quilting & Sewing Part I

With working 10 hours a day and babysitting the grandbabies at night, I haven’t had much time to get any new projects done so I thought I would share with you some things I completed last year.

I started the year finishing a UFO which was a quilt for my son. He had a wonderful sweet white Pit Bull named Khane that had died about 6 months previously, so I made my son a photo quilt to remember him by. I had only known his dog for about a year, but when he died, I also cried like I had lost a family member. Between me, my son, and his girlfriend, my husband said he felt like he was at a funeral home. Khane was the best dog and I would have another one like him in a heartbeat. Anyway, I picked out 10 pictures that really showed his personality, designed a easy blocky pattern, picked out some masculine fabrics, and made a memory quilt in his honor. The pictures were printed onto colorfast fabric sheets so hopefully they will last for a while.  My son loved it!

My wonderful son

My wonderful son

Khane memory quilt

Khane memory quilt

Not exactly sure what I did after that.  My photograph library is pretty slim up until summer. It might have something to do with working 50-60 hours weeks.  I hope to do better than that this year.  So fast forward to summer.  I was still working 50-60 hour weeks but decided that I needed several simple things to sew.  All of our sandstone coasters were broken, so I decided to make some scrappy fabric coasters.  I just love these coasters.  They are colorful, they were quick to make, and they work wonderfully.  I even took one to work to use on my desk there.


Up next, I made a laundry bag for my son’s girlfriend.  She was headed off to college at East Carolina, and every college student needs a big, sturdy bag to carry home all their dirty laundry.  I found some ECU fabric and matched it with some solids.  I lined the inside with duck cloth to make it stronger.  The original pattern came from the InStitches book by Amy Butler, although I did make a few changes as I went along.


To round out the end of summer, I made an apron for the monthly challenge with Art Gallery Fabrics.  This was the first monthly challenge I participated in and I won!  I was thrilled!!!  Honestly, I would have participated in all of the monthly challenges, but I had just found them while searching the internet one evening.

The apron is my original design, it is reversible, and turned out so cute!  I love the Art Gallery fabrics — they are so soft and so easy to work with.  I am currently about half-way done getting this written up into a pattern.

DSC_0005 DSC_0022-001

The next project was also for an Art Gallery Fabrics monthly challenge.  The challenge was to make a computer bag and it had to have an insert pocket.  Well, I really wanted to make an iPad cover, so I ended up making both in matching fabrics.  This was made with their Indie line of fabrics.  These are also original designs.  I hope to get them written up into patterns this year also.

DSC_0401 DSC_0386 DSC_0384

Guess I’ll close for tonight.  Until next time, may you have blissful dreams.